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Deal or No Deal

It is not the end for deal or no deal

Deal or no deal, who can forget? A show that got us hooked to the television. Winning enormous prices of money or completely nothing. Deal or no deal was a true gamble and brought us down to the nerves.  The highest amount in the show went to Jessica Robinson who won a good $1.000.000. Unfortunately, not everyone was as happy as Jessica. There was another candidate who won only $1. Is it pure luck? Or do they know how to gamble well?

The show may have ended, but the memories stay with us. In this article, I will name a few other opportunities for you to get luck at chance. How else do we make life exciting?

Here is a list of shows and games that will bring you the same kind of chills:

1. Watch Slumdog Millionaire

We all know “Who wants to be a millionaire”, A show that is providing you with the same chills as deal or no deal. It was hosted by Chris Tarrant as its host. Another fun show that unfortunately found its ending. However, did you watch the movie Slumdog Millionaire? In this British Drama Film, the show is presented in India. It indicated how life is based on coincidences, and by these correlations of chance Jamal Malik, the main character of the film won 20 million rupees, which is equal to $221.200. A real recommendation to watch if you already didn’t do so!

2. Get your chances up in an online casino

Are you tired of watching shows yourself? Do you think it is time for you to bet with some real money and twist your own destiny? Then, we certainly recommend you play in an online casino. Check first if it is registered with a Maltese license, so you know you are betting on a registered and safe website and second check the welcome bonuses, since they differ from each online casino. With a welcome casino bonus, you can double your chances of winning. Is that a deal or no deal?

3. Invest in bitcoin

We are speaking about a game of chances. Investing in Bitcoin could be exactly this. You are taking a certain risk, but it can make you the real millionaire you always wanted to be. Check here the beginners guide to buy cryptocurrency and start your investments today. If you do not already have the knowledge to invest in bitcoins, obtain some. This will increase your luck, if investing is based on chances at all. Knowledge is key, this accounts for any industry you are interested in.

4. Buy the Deal or No Deal game

If you are still not convinced about the other options that can fulfil you game of chances, or you would like to stay away from the computer, you can buy the Deal or No Deal game. Because indeed, it is very difficult to replace the good old game for another. You can play for fun and not spend any money, or you could replace it for real money with this exciting table game. It truly depends on what kind of dare devil you are. Play with your friends and/ or family and build up different kind of strategies. You never know when the show decides to come back on television and you have a brave day in which you decide to sign up for it.

Deal or No Deal really finished?

There are rumours that Deal or No Deal is hitting the road. My suggestion is, keep your eyes open on the locations. You never know when it will arrive close to you. If you sign up for the show, besides the true nerves, what do you have to lose? Going there provides you already with a higher opportunity of winning money then watching the show from the other side. Don’t you think this is the vision of a true Deal or No Deal fan. Besides, earning some great deserved money could keep us warm for a few years, and might make your dreams come true. Let’s definitely hope the rumours of a comeback are true.


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