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Welcome to
A Fan Site of the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is back....

Deal or No Deal is now back on our screens but in a new setting, with new boxes and a new presenter.

The new format Deal or No Deal is now showing weekdays on ITV and ITVX at 4pm, and with new presenter Stephen Mulhern.

Read all about the new daily shows in our
Deal or No Deal Online Forum

The format is the same as the classic Deal or No Deal hosted by Noel Edmonds on Channel 4, with 22 contestants eagerly waiting on the wings for a chance to play for the new daily jackpot amount of £100,000.

Head over to our Deal or No Deal Forum now to find out what is happening on the show and discuss the show with fellow fans.... Deal or No Deal Forum

There is a website for contestant applications, and you can also apply for tickets to be in the audience during filming.

Apply for tickets here There is also a direct link to Deal or No Deal audience tickets here Audience Ticket Link

Here is a link to the press release announcing the return of Deal or No Deal on the ITV website... Click here...

Deal or No Deal
contestant applications OPEN

The new format Deal or No Deal with new presenter Stephen Mulhern is now taking applications for the next season of Deal or No Deal.

Do you want to take on the Banker? Have you got what it takes to beat him? Now is your chance to try.

Click here for contestant applications

Visit the forum now and chat about Deal or No Deal
Visit our Deal or No Deal Forum

Discuss Deal or No Deal with fellow fans and contestants from the show.

Also read the LIVE daily show reports of every Deal or No Deal show.

Deal or No Deal Channel 4 era
with Noel Edmonds

5th £250,000 Winner - Nong

Nong £250,000 Deal or No Deal Jackpot winner

Read the full account of Nong's Deal or No Deal jackpot win as it happened by visiting our Deal or No Deal Forum - Click Here

DEAL or NO DEAL is the hit afternoon game show on Channel 4.

The game deal or no deal is very simple to play and provides the contestants the chance to win BIG money prizes. The simplicity of the game and the high stakes provide a very dramatic and entertaining gameshow. Deal or No Deal also marks the return of TV entertainment 'legend' Noel Edmonds as the host.

Deal or no deal has become so popular in the UK that the theme of the show has crossed over into other formats.

Here at dond we provide somewhere for the growing number of fans and contestants of the Deal or No Deal to chat about the show and express views, opinions and have a bit of fun. Our very popular Deal or No Deal Forum is the place to read and chat about everything DOND. To find out what is happening in our DOND FORUM just follow this Deal or No Deal FORUM LINK...

We also provide LIVE Daily commentaries of EVERY Deal or No Deal show that is broadcast, so you can catch up with every show whereever you are and even join in with opinions and topics as they happen in the show... Visit our Today's Show of our DOND Forum now... There is also a full archive of all the past Deal or No Deal shows we have commentated on.

4th £250,000 Winner - Tegen

Tegen becomes the 4th winner of
Deal or No Deal's Jackpot prize of £250,000.


Read a full account of Tegen's Deal or No Deal game and join in the chat by visiting our Deal or No Deal Forum's Live Show Commentary Section...

Check out the Deal or No Deal Stats section where you can find a complete breakdown of every game of Deal or No Deal in our full show archive. Find out what happened in EVERY show of Deal or No Deal box by box. CLICK HERE

Visit Deal or No Deal Stats section by Clicking Here

38th Member of the
1p Club


Charlotte becomes the 38th member of the 1p Club.

To read more about Charlotte's game visit our Forum's Live Show Commentary Section...

Charlotte 38th member of the 1p club

Alice 250,000 Winner Deal or No Deal 12/03/09

Alice Mundy, 21, a student and trainee Stunt woman became the 2nd winner of Deal or No Deal's jackpot prize of £250,000. In a dramatic twist to her game after already dealing for £17,500, Alice was given the ultimate gamble of giving back the £17,500 to take a 50/50 chance on going home with either 1p or £250,000.

To read the full details of Alice's game click here...

Laura £250,000 Deal or No Deal Winner

Laura Becomes the FIRST £250,000 winner on Sunday 07/01/07

Read the full report of Laura's game here

How Deal or No Deal Works

Deal or No Deal starts with 22 numbered boxes each with an unknown value of between 1p and £250,000 contained in them, these are then randomly chosen by the 22 contestants. A contestant is then chosen to play Deal or No Deal and sit in the hot seat for that game with their chosen box. They then play a series of 'rounds' where they chose to eliminate the remaining boxes one by one - hopefully avoiding the boxes containing the big money.

Deal or No Deal Contestant
Deal or No Deal - Noel talks to the banker

The twist to Deal or No Deal comes in at the end of each round when the 'Banker' - a mysterious off-screen person offers the contestant a sum of money to 'buy' the box that the contestant has in front off of them and end the game. This sum of money is based on the amount of cash left in the remaining boxes.

In the first round of Deal or No Deal the contestant has to open five boxes before the Banker makes his first offer. In following rounds the player only has to open three boxes before the banker makes his offer. According to the banker he bases his offers on a number of factors including what cash values remain and also how 'he' views the attitude and way the contestant is playing their game of Deal or No Deal. You normally find the first round offers are below an 'average' value of the boxes remaining which encourages the player to carry on into further rounds and add to drama. Although occasionally a tempting offer is made which does make the contestant stop to think for a while.

Deal or No Deal is really a game of pure chance as no-one knows what each box contains, and all the contestants have the same chance of winning the jackpot as there are no questions to answer or games of skill to perform to win the prize. This provides a great arena for the player to interact with the host and their fellow Deal or No Deal contestants and this creates a great atmosphere and makes the show really watchable.

Deal or No Deal Studio

The game format of Deal or No Deal relies quite a lot on the host to build up the drama and add to the atmosphere and this is where Noel helps make the show with his interaction with the contestants and the chats with the Banker, although we only ever hear Noels side of the conversation. Noel is building up quite a collection of potential catchphrases during the show, and has most of them based around the ad breaks where he plays on the word break in his sentences.

Playing Deal or No Deal although simple in concept, can also involve complex gameplay and often contestants try out various strategies or systems to try and beat the Banker.

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