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Deal or No Deal Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some of the most asked questions regarding the show, if there is something that is not covered in the questions below that you would like to know more about try our Deal or No Deal forum

Q. Has anyone gone away with a 1p?

A. Yes, unfortunately there are now 36 contestants on the UK show that have gone home with 1p. Nick Bains became the first contestant to take home 1p on 03/01/06 after he had bad rounds and finally got down to 2 boxes, one containing £100 the other 1p, the banker offered a deal of £30 which was rejected by Nick, the banker then offered him the chance to swap the box infront of Nick with the remaining box out in play. Nick took this offer and ended up with the box containing a 1p.

The other 32 members of the 1p club are Trevor 01/03/06, Fadil 14/04/06, Dave E 25/04/06, Sally 14/07/06, Connell 17/07/06, Giorgio 22/07/06 Sharron 31/08/06, Tony 13/02/07, PJ 13/05/07, Adam 15/06/07, Katie 05/01/08, Shaun 24/01/08, Simon 31/01/08, Margaret 03/03/08, Matty 24/03/08, Pete 02/10/08, Marianne 25/12/08, Colin 16/03/09, Dirk 13/03/09, Olivia 08/07/09, Rod 08/09/09, Michelle 13/10/09, Aurora 14/10/09, Rio 16/11/09, Corinne 07/12/09, Gillian 17/12/09, Hollie 25/12/09, Bel 12/01/10, De 17/05/10, Laurence 25/06/10 , Letty 12/09/10, Anji 10/10/10, Beryl 01/02/11, Vicki 17/02/11, Bev 13/04

Q. Has anyone won the £250,000

A. YES, there are now 3 people who have won the 250,000 on Deal or No Deal.

Laura won the £250,000 on 07/01/2007, she had a final 2 values of £3,000 and the £250,000 - her final offer from the banker was £45,000 which she chose to NO DEAL and Noel went on to open her box no. 6 and reveal the £250,000, making her the first UK winner of the jackpot. You can find out more and see pictures from the game by CLICKING HERE

Alice won the £250,000 on 12/03/09, she initally made a deal for £17,500 earlier in her game, but at the end with 1p and £250,000 remaining on the board, the Banker offered his Banker's Gamble which would allow Alice to give back her previous deal of £17,500 and re-enter LIVE play again for a chance to win the £250,000. Alice took up this offer, and opened her box no. 8 and revealed the £250,000. You can read all about her game and see pictures of her show by CLICKING HERE

Suzanne won the £250,000 on 13/05/11, she had the dream finish of £100,000 and £250,000 remaining, and turned down a final offer of £165,000. She was then offered a chance to swap her box with the box remaining on the wings, and she took this offer and SWAPPED her box. Noel then opened her new box and revealed the £250,000

Q. Does Noel actually talk to the banker during the show on the telephone.

A. Yes, it was originally rumoured amongst fans of the show that Noel never really spoke to the dealer and the deal offers were fed to him through his earpiece by someone in the production crew. But over a few recent shows contestants have been given the chance to speak to the banker on the phone and also during the 1p game Noel held his microphone close to the telephone speaker and you could hear the banker laughing as the contestant had won 1p.

Q. How many shows do they film a day, as some contestants seem to be on the show for ages surely they can't take over a month off work?

A. They film 3 shows a day, 5 days a week. So they film 15 shows a week, most contestants have been on there for no longer than 30 shows, which is about 2 weeks in real-time.

Q. How long will Deal or No Deal run for?

A. Originally the show was signed up for 66 shows which would have been around a 10 week run showing 6 days a week, but due to the overwhelming popularity and high viewing figures it was commissioned for another 230 shows in december 2005.

UPDATE 20/05/10: The show has secured another 2 year contract with Channel 4, this means the show will be on air on Channel 4 until at least end of 2012.

Q. Where is the show filmed and how can I get on it?

A. The game show is filmed in Bristol, you can apply for tickets to be in the audience by emailing


CLICK HERE for more information on the Channel 4 website.

If you want to apply to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal, check out our page with all the relevent information. Be warned we have heard that 1000's of people are applying for this and there is no guarantee that you will receive an audition or get on the show. Click here to go to our contestant information page.

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