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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Annie 29/06/07 - 500th Show Special

Deal or No Deal 500th Show Special

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
The Banker announces he is going to make Annie an offer after each box in the final round if she decides to no deal at this stage...
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 6

Box No.
£10,000 - Deal

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 11
Annie takes home

Friday, June 29, 2007

Annie's Deal or No Deal Game Report

It’s finally here, after the big build up over the past 10 days, and the 500th show is upon us. A very smart Noel introduces the show today, and we see the crew giving out the gold boxes to the contestants in the background... Everyone is dressed up today, and Noel promises us lots of surprises today... The first of which is that the audience is made up of ex-contestants.

Noel turns to show us the game-board and reveals the next surprise of the day, the top prize is £500,000. He tells us how they are going to pick today's contestant, and they are randomly picking the contestant by using the bag of balls that is used by the contestants to choose their initial boxes. The honour of picking the ball out of the bag falls to Laura who is the only contestant to win the £250,000. Laura picks out ball1, which is Annie’s box, so Annie is the lucky contestant with the chance to win the £500,000.

Annie takes her place at the pound with box 1, and she jokes with Noel that if she knew she was playing today she would have dressed up!! Annie tells us her husband was due to join her tonight, and so misses out on her game. Noel talks about Annie being a big dealer on the wings, and says this could be an interesting game...

The banker calls before the start of the first round, and Noel has a bit of banter with him, and tells him there are a few people in the studio today who have taken quite a bit of money from him, especially one person!! The banker says that if Annie discovers the 1p in the opening round, each active player will receive £500, and also every ex-contestant will receive a bottle of bubbly, EXCEPT Laura who can afford her own!!!

Round 1
3 - £500,000 OMG!!!!! It's a normal game now says Annie!!
9 - 1p Unbelievable!!!! The studio goes wild!!! You couldn't write this says Noel
5 - £750 - Newbie Joan
21 - £5,000
7 - £35,000

This is a tricky one now says Noel, as although the new biggy has gone, the board is still strong.... The banker thanks Laura for picking Annie, as she is one of the biggest dealers there!! He then offers £4,500… The offer receives groans from everyone… Annie says NO DEAL

Round 2
20 - £250,000 Amazing!!!
6 - 10p
22 - £5

Annie tells Noel that she has a telephone at home just like the DoND phone, and then asks Noel if their one is real! The Banker offers £4,500, and that offer receives yet more groans. Annie says NO DEAL

This is wonderful and a new Annie we are seeing says Noel... Annie jokes that we will get the £100,000 next!!

Round 3
16 - £250
13 - £100,000 Annie was one box out!!!
14 - 50p

The banker says that it is amazing the way the boxes are going, and he is going to make an example of Annie now, to all the people behind her have taken so much money from him!! He sticks yet again and offers £4,500… Annie says NO DEAL

Round 4
12 - £100
19 - £10 Big cheers
This is still a strong position says Noel
18 - £75,000 OH NO says Noel!!

That was shaping up well says Noel, but every time a big number seems to go... Noel tries to remain positive... The Banker calls and offers £1,500… There are shouts of BOO from the whole studio... Jon says the banker is being mean there as the average is a lot higher than that... Annie says NO DEAL

Round 5
2 - £500
10 - £1 Big cheers as only blue remains now
As long as we don't find the £50,000 you will get a nice surprise says Noel
17 - £20,000 Some groans for that

Noel says that's OK... The banker says he might have gone a bit too far in using Annie as revenge against the other contestants... To make up for it, if Annie NO DEALS this next offer she will receive an offer after each box... He offers £7,000… Annie says that's better, and Noel says the odds are in her favour now to go on... Annie says NO DEAL

The whole studio loves that decision...
Round 6
15 - £1,000 Big cheers

The Banker calls and Annie listens in on the conversation!! He offers £10,000, and Annie wants the question straight away! She says DEAL

It’s now proveout time now with 2 boxes left in the round…

8 - £10,000

The Banker calls and would have offered £10,000...

Next box....

4 - £50,000 The studio goes wild...

It’s time for The Banker with £50 and £3,000 remaining, and he tells everyone to clear off!!! He would have offered £500

Noel opens Annie’s box 1 and reveals £50
Box 11 contains the £3,000

For the viewer’s competition there are 3 special people on box duty, its ex-contestants Nick, Morris and Giorgio. Noel goes over and asks TAX FREE Harry to select the box, and he chooses box 1, and it contains the £50,000…
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