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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Asim 13/07/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offer

Round 6 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offer

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 11
Asim takes home


Friday, July 13, 2007

Asim's Deal or No Deal Game Report

The Deal or No Deal logo needs a little encouragement from Noel to appear on the gameboard today, as it’s Friday the 13th!! It’s the last game of the current series today, as the show takes a summer break for a month, and it returns on Mon 13th August.

Hopefully we can go out on a high, and it won't be an unlucky Friday 13th!!! Noel talks about some of the milestones in season 2, the 500th show, and Laura's jackpot win of £250,000...

It’s Asim’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and hopefully finish the season on a high, and he has box 4 today. Asim is a student and is studying computer networks... He believes that if you harm someone, then sometime in the future that action will come back and redeem itself against you, and also doing good will result in good things rewarding you. Asim is single and Noel tries his best to fix him up with someone in the audience... Asim says he is not prepared for today's game as he was convinced that Brian was playing today...

Round 1
12 - £1,000 Newbie Irene peers over her box, and Noel says they will need to get Rita's step for her so we will be able to see her in the future!
15 - 10p Asim gets excited with that, and Noel tells him to clam down as it's only the second box!!
2 - £50,000 Groans for that
1 - £50 More shouts from Asim
13 - £10

Noel asks Asim what he thinks of it, and Asim replies it's looking good. The banker asks all the contestants if they are looking forward to their summer holiday? They all shout YES... The banker then reveals that he has gifts for them all, and then 22 buckets and spades are brought out for them... They all have stickers on them and they have to peel them off, and underneath are all the amounts from the gameboard!!! The person with the £250,000 sticker wins a week for 2 on the Costa-Del-Sol, and Robert is the lucky winner of this prize… The person with 1p sticker wins a weekend for 2 in Weston-Super-Mare, and Jon is the lucky winner of this one… The Banker then makes his offer to Asim of £9,000, and Asim replies NO DEAL

Round 2
9 - £10,000
16 - £250 Robin's bucket amount matches his box amount!
Noel wonders if there is something in this, and if box 21 has the £250,000!! But Asim decides to pick box 21 next!!
21 - £20,000

Asim says that round did cause some damage, and Noel replies it wasn't that bad... The Banker offers £12,500… Asim says it's a lot of money, but there could be more in the game... Asim says NO DEAL

Noel puts on his ear-defenders as Asim goes into another bout of C'Mons

Round 3
5 - £750 Asim goes into another bout of C'mons
17 - £100,000
7 - £15,000 You like those reds says Noel - and it's another bucket match on the amounts!!

Noel shouts out C'Mon down the phone in case the banker feels left out!! The banker remembers the last game of season one when Giorgio won 1p, and wonders if season 2’s last game can repeat that result! He then offers £10,000… Asim says NO DEAL

Round 4
19 - 50p More shouts from Asim
10 - £3,000
18 - £35,000 That we did not want says Noel

Asim says that his fallback has gone now... But Noel remains positive and tells the banker that Asim is going to be the first male £250,000 winner... The Banker offers £13,000… Noel tells Asim that he is being tested now... Alan tells him much the same thing, and also that it's a good offer for the board. Asim says it is a good offer and he could do a lot with that amount of money, but it’s NO DEAL

Round 5
Noel talks about Asim's dream of being able to take his father back to visit his homeland, and really personalises the game now...
22 - £5,000
3 - £500
Noel really builds up the drama now for this next box...
20 - £100

Noel tells Asim it was brave to turn down that last offer, and this next decision will be tough... The Banker offers £31,000… You now have a big problem says Noel, as you have the potential to now go on to win £250,000... Vicky tells Asim that is a massive offer... Asim says DEAL

Noel turns to Asim and tells him that was the right call. Asim tells Noel that he will now take his father back to his homeland and place of birth.

Round 6 - Proveout round
6 - £1 It would have been fine says Noel
14 - £250,000 The studio and Asim go wild
8 - £5

It’s time for The Banker with 1p and £75,000 remaining, and Noel says you are OK at the moment, as The Banker would have offered £18,000…

Noel opens Asim’s box 4 and reveals 1p
Box 11 contains the £75,000

The banker calls straight back and Asim asks to speak to him, so Noel hands him the phone, and Asim says tough luck and better luck next time!! Asim then reveals that the banker told him to get lost!! But The Banker has one last generous offer to finish off the season, and Robin and Stevie both get £500 because their buckets matched their box amounts…

Well that’s the end of Season 2 of Deal or No Deal, and it’s certainly been a rollercoaster shows with more members of the 1p club, and the £250,000 finally being won by Laura.

The show returns to our screens again on Monday 13th August, and we’ll be back again with our daily reports and updates.
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