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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Bunney 31/01/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 6

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 12
Bunney takes home

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bunney's Game Report

Noel welcomes us all to the dream factory and a VERY revved up bunch of pilgrims!! He talks about how everyone is hyped up since Sarah has done some amazing predictions in almost every game since Laura’s big win and if only the contestants had more courage they would have won so much more.

It’s Bunney’s turn to take the walk of wealth and he hops his way to the crazy chair with box 5 and a carrot in his mouth!!! Bunney welcomes us to his game! He is a church organist and Noel asks why he has a carrot sticking out of a boot on his box!! It's his lucky carrot and also a lucky boot from his late grandmother in which she used to keep money. Noel shows Bunney's card from Sarah and it shows Bunney with box 5!! Can Sarah do it again? Have fun Bun says Noel...

Bunney has an ambition and he asks if he can do Noel's intro that he does at the start of the show, Noel allows him as it's Bunney's show. Bunney does it and asks Bunney or No Bunney

Round 1
A song from Andrew before his box, Noel warns that this could be a long show!!
2 - £35,000
Another song from Rachel
4 - £10
Mary gives us a song
8 - £15,000 That was the worst song so far says Noel!!
More songs
16 - £1,000
And another song!
3 - 1p Big cheers from an excited Bunney

What a relief says Bunney and poor Noel doesn't know what to do as Bunney puts his arm around him!!! Noel says I wouldn't be surprised if the banker has gone home!! Bunney says he has a song for the banker and the banker can't wait for it. Bunney starts the song and Noel stops Bunney telling him to think carefully for the rhyme for BANKER!! Luckily Bunney finds the word ‘Thankya’! The banker has a song for Bunney and Noel produces it from the pound table, Bunney sings the song to the pilgrims and it ends in the line “I'll give you something meaty!!” The banker does indeed then offer a meaty sum of £16,000… That receives gasps from the whole studio, Noel says to think about this seriously as it's a big offer, he needs to look at in one of two ways, either the banker is worried about Bunney or he can’t stand anymore songs!! Bunney says NO DEAL

Round 2
More songs - Richard gives us a burst
6 - £75,000 urrrghhhh says Bunney
Tony gives us a song
10 - £250 Bunney hops around at that one...
15 - £10,000 No song from Gloria

Noel asks how Bunney is feeling about his game, he says the 2 biggy wiggies are still in play, Noel says you will get a ringy dingy in a minute!!! Noel asks the banker if he can join the banker in his office for the rest of the game!! The banker offers £20,000, OHHHHH says Bunney, I think he quite likes me, Noel says he can have you!!! Simon says there is another round in the game at the moment. Bunney says NO DEAL

Round 3
Looks like the songs have stopped
20 - £50
14 - £5,000
Paul gives us a song
18 - 50p

The banker says you know that every tennis player has a shot they love to play, well here's his!! He offers £26,000, the same offer as Phil and Leanne dealt at, and Noel says they both regretted taking their offers, what will Bunney do? Bunney says it’s a fantastic offer but NO DEAL.

Round 4
22 - £750 Newbie Jack gets a big hug from Bunney
A song from Paul
1 - £1 Big cheers and shouts from Bunney and the pilgrims. Wow Wow Wow says Noel
9 - £5 Big shouts and screams again...

WOW says Noel, and Bunney says you can say that again, Noel says you have big problems coming your way. The banker is worried about how Sarah's card looks like the board at this stage, he then offers £42,000, that is absolutely amazing says Bunney. Bunney says NO DEAL

Chants of Bunney Bunney Bunney ring out around the studio.

Round 5
21 - £3,000 more shouts and screams
7 - £50,000 a few groans but Bunney says that's OK
9 - £100,000 Groans all around for that one

Noel refers to Sarah's card again and Bunney's mum joins him for a cuddle, Noel asks her to stay at the table for a while. The banker offers £31,000, Noel asks is it time to 'hop off', not just yet says Bunney. Noel then asks how brave are you and goes on about Sarah's card and the fact it has box 5 on it and Bunney has actually has box 5... Bunney says NO DEAL… Brave Bunney says Noel

Round 6
11 - £100 Big shouts and cheers followed by chants of blue
2 steps to go says Noel
13 - £500 Even bigger shouts
Noel tells Bunney to stay focused
17 - 10p The studio goes wild and so does Bunney, he pounces on Noel!

Bunney has done it and produced the perfect final round, it’s time for the banker with £20,000 and £250,000 remaining.

Noel says this is incredible and January is the month to remember. The banker believes that Bunney has made some of the bravest NO DEALs of all time, and then offers £110,000. OMG says Bunney. He says he has a little problem now as box 12 has been haunting him for a while and he says that when he played the Deal or No Deal interactive DVD game for the first time he was left with this EXACT situation!!! He says he in that game he swapped for box 12 and WON £250,000!!! Oh my word says Noel!! This gives him a difficult decision, as it's his DVD game vs. Sarah’s psychic ability now! Bunney says DEAL

Bunney runs around the studio in delight and nearly runs through the gameboard!! Noel calls him back to see who wins out of the DVD game and Sarah. Noel says you would have been offered the swap, what would you have done? Bunney says he would have swapped, Noel does the horrible thing of swapping the boxes in the proveout.

Noel opens box 12 and reveals £250,000!! Bunney says he knew it all along!!!! Box 5 has the £20,000

Wow Wow Wow says Noel, he says that recently three people could have won £250,000 and Noel is not bothered that Bunney didn’t win it as he was true to himself and will certainly make the most of his big win.

Noel says he is so pleased that we rounded off January in style with a big win from one of the most charismatic players they have ever had on the show.

Bunney’s win takes the total contestant winnings for January to £883,485.99, a truly incredible month, can it continue into February or will get some dramatic crashes as some of the contestants try to emulate these big wins of late?
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