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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Dan 04/07/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offer
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offer

Round 6 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offer

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 7
Dan takes home

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dan's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Independence day in the dream factory, and everyone is dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. The boxes all have American flags decorating them, and there is also bunting draped around the studio. Noel tells us the banker started his career on Wall St where he learnt to become mean and nasty!! Hence the celebrations today... Noel talks about the contestants and their dreams, and how newbie Annie wants to swim with polar bears.

The theme tune to Rawhide accompanies the name selection process and today's player is Dan, who has box 11. Daniel "Dan" Mountford comes from London and is a radio engineer on the London Underground. He had previously been a telecommunications technician for the army for 9 years and fancied a career change and has worked with trains for 8 months so far, but doesn't like his job and would like to go on a sailing course to become a skipper, which is his dream that hopefully can help be fulfilled today. He has his parents, Ray and Tina, with him in the audience.

He believes in luck and destiny and has always wanted to appear on a gameshow, but was never confident to go on them, as you had to answer questions, and didn't want to appear dim! But with Deal or No Deal as he only has to open boxes he decided to give it a go... Dan reveals he has had a dream that he won over £100k on DOND!!

Round 1
14 - £100k - Groans and Noel talks about Dan's dream
4 - £3,000
2 - £50 Cheers
16 - £35k Noel says Dan likes these reds
3 - £500

The banker calls and says "Howdy partners"!! He tells Noel he celebrates the 4th of July as 3 of his 4 divorces have come through on this date, and he goes on to tell Noel that he has written a poem to read out. Noel pulls a poem out from the pound table and reads it out, it tells us how the banker is lonely and he hopes to get married. He also manages to sneak in a desperate Dan line!! The banker says Dan will be joining the 1p club today, and then makes an Opening offer of £5,000... Dan says it's a decent offer, but he doesn't want to be the first person to deal at the first... Dan says NO DEAL

Round 2
21 - £250,000 Groans for that one, and the £250,000 icon is a stick of dynamite today and explodes!!
Mike - 13 - £100
Robert - 15 - £10

Dan says he's feeling a bit better now, but the banker still has all of his power 5 left, and Dan's lost 3 of his already. Noel says he had a feeling the banker would be in a dominant mood today. The banker talks about "Desperate Dan", and jokes about Mike's Mohican haircut underneath his hat, and how he is the only person who can play cowboys and Indians himself!! He says Dan's "gotta go dahhn dahhn"... The Banker offers £2,500... Groans echo around the dream factory says Noel... Dan says NO DEAL

Round 3
5 - £1 At last one of his power 5 and a decent start to the round says Noel
12 - £20,000 Noel says that's not what we wanted
Norman says not to forget the Wall Street crash and Noel says with his accent and his hat that it doesn't work.
20 - £750 More cheers for that one

The banker says to remember that there was a Norman conquest!! He says put them in cowboy hats and they all think they are gunslingers!! The banker then wants to know if Usha wants to look at his Magnificent 7!!! The offer is then revealed to be the first two added together £7,500... Noel says it's a tester, and Dan replies that he came here with the intention of winning more, and it's NO DEAL

Dan explains his rather confusing system that he dreamt about, which totally confuses Noel!! Dan also reveals that in his dream Noel was wearing a dress!! Noel decides to quickly move on!!

Round 4
22 - £10k You do love nibbling at those reds says Noel
9 - 50p Cheers and applause for that one
Noel calls a break, and when we return Noel appears wearing a glittering silver dress, with his trousers rolled up and red and blue socks!!! He asks Dan if that was his dream!! Dan replies it was, and he might have to stay in that until the game is over!!
10 - £75k Noel says he thinks Alex finds him attractive and Alex says deliciously attractive.

Noel then takes his frock off, as it's not helped at all...

The banker calls Noel "Noeline" and Noel says, "No it's Jolene"! He asks Noel to be careful with the dress as he only recently got it washed. The banker says it was an expensive round, and says Dan's dream is now over... Banker offers £3,500... Dan says NO DEAL

Round 5
19 - 10p Norman gives us another of his trumpet fanfares!!
Dan asks if the lucky wig can be brought out as it helped in Michelle's game, but Noel can't find it as Brian still has if!! Noel tells him to put it on then!!!
1 - £250 More cheers
Everyone wants the 1p and the BLUE CHANTS ARE BACK!!!!!!
6 - 1p HUGE cheers

Noel says the banker now knows it's not Indepennydence Day and Dan could be going away with as much as £50,000.... Just like Michelle's game Noel tells the banker, once we get the wig, we know we're motoring... The banker wants to set fire to the wig with Brian's head still in it!! Reminded of yesterday, the banker says this is a gambler's board and this is a gambler's offer of £10,000... Dan asks for a sweep as to what he should do and it's a mixture of deals and no deals, about half and half. He asks people to stand up in the audience and very few people say he should deal, although his mum stands up to say deal. Dan says DEAL

Round 6
18 - £1k It would've been great, people clap, and Noel asks why they're clapping!
17 - £5 NO, the second component of the perfect round says Noel
8 - £50k - YES says Noel and everyone cheers

It's time for The Banker with £5,000 and £15,000 remaining. Dan says he has beaten the banker, and Noel tells him not to get too carried away as he could have £15k in his box. The BANKER would have offered £8,500...

Noel opens Dan's box 11 to reveal £5,000
Box 7 contains the £15k
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