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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Daniel 28/01/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Round 6 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 17
Daniel takes home

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Daniel's Game Report

Noel points to the roof in his intro today!! Is he pointing at more confetti?

Noel promises that our weekend is about to get a whole lot better, and reflects upon Friday and the fact that Stella managed to get to the fourth offer with the Power 5 still in play and the fact that there's no reason it can't happen again today.

For some reason Daniel is told to be very careful with the walk of wealth. He has box 20 today, he's from Swansea and he has his wife Jane in the audience for support, she says that it will be Daniel's game. We also see a picture of their 5-month-old son.

Round 1
9 - £5,000
19 - £500
Noel asks if Daniel is doing a mirror image of Stella's game as she chose the other ends of wings, he says no, he went for the prettiest women first!
10 - £35,000 This is now nothing like Stella’s game says Noel
22 - £250
4 - £15,000

Noel asks how Daniel is choosing his boxes, he says just random as they are only red boxes and they don't mean anything to him, he does however have some special numbers which he is leaving until the end. The banker says he had an unpleasant Saturday as he was reflecting on January and everything that has happened since the New Year! He talks about a contestant who threatened to gore him with their pet goat! The banker feels threatened by the Welsh as "She Who Must Not Be Named" who won the quarter million was Welsh but says he won't hold it against Daniel! He then offers £10,000, Daniel quickly says NO DEAL!

Round 2
1 - £75,000 Groans.. That's now two of the Power 5 says Noel. He adds we must hold on to the two biggies...
21 - £100,000 Bigger groans... Oh my word says Noel.. A few of the pilgrims shout "C'mon Daniel" and start applauding for support....
Noel says he is going at this like an express train and he has a horrible feeling he will get de-railed!
12 - £1 Big cheers.....

The banker is disappointed as he wanted another large red to go in the last box, he talks about how Daniel was extremely good with his advice whilst on the wings and he wants to punish him now but with the quarter million still on the board that always focuses his thinking... He offers £12,000, Daniel immediately says that’s a good offer... Noel advises that Daniel savours that offer and thinks about why the Banker is showing him that level of respect and to give it very careful consideration. Noel asks Dennis if that offer surprised him, he says it did, very much so as he was expecting 3 or 4 thousand pounds less. Daniel says it's a lot of money but he's ready for the question, he says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £10,000 Silence from everyone on that one
16 - £5 Cheers for the blue and a YES from Daniel
15 - £100 A big shout from Daniel for another blue

Noel says it's a bit better now, but still a little precarious. Noel asks if Daniel has given the banker a reason to lower the offer, Daniel says NO. Paul reckons the offer will be around £20,000, the banker says he is a bit wide of the mark. Noel and the banker want Dennis to predict the next offer and Noel gets him to write it in the book before the banker makes the offer. Dennis gets it wrong by £8,000, the banker offers £22,500

Bunney says it's a fantastic offer but thinks the banker is worried as the board looks like Laura's board as she had the £250,000 and the £50,000. Noel goes over to shake Bunney's hand and says that he is the weirdest player they have ever had! BUT he is spot on about the position Daniel is in at the moment as this is basically Laura’s situation. Daniel asks his wife what she would do but she refuses to influence his game, Noel wonders why he bought her!! Daniel asks the audience to stand if they would deal, a few stand...
Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 4
2 - £10 Big cheers and a YES from Daniel
3 - £3,000 It's OK says Noel...
Daniel is thinking about Phil's box next, but Noel asks is he really going to go with Phil the destroyer! Noel is not convinced that Daniel should go to Phil next, Daniel is but braces himself
Chants of blue start
6 - £50,000 Noel says I did try to warn you about Phil!!

The banker says that has made him feel better now. Noel says you have to admire the way the banker latches onto every little bit of information in the show, and he now offers Dennis' last prediction of £14,500. Daniel's wife says she would go for it now, as he won't be sat in the chair again... Noel is speechless. Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 5
Tim is asked to lie on the floor in front of the £250,000. Noel says this is serious now, this is the pivotal round and asks everyone to think blue.
11 - 10p
14 - £50 Big cheers and one more says Noel, stay focused
8 - 50p Big cheers as newbie Amy-Lee delivers a blue.

An all-blue round at the right moment says Noel.

Daniel enjoyed that round with big cheers of C'MON. Noel wonders if Daniel is going to join Laura. Daniel says there is no reason why not, Noel says we all want to hear the big explosion of confetti cannons and everyone celebrating and Daniel paying for all the drinks back at the hotel! The banker concedes that round, he is desperate for Dan's box now and offers £24,500.

Noel says the Banker has rewarded Daniels bravery by increasing the offer by £10,000 but he has undoubtedly put it right on the pain threshold, it's not generous, it's not unreasonable, it's painful. He says it's very well placed to test Daniel, who says he will have very few opportunities in his life to win that amount of money but he knows he's not going to get the opportunity of someone offering him £24,500 either, it's a big risk for a big reward. Dennis says he should ask his wife for advice and that Jane should answer. Daniel says he knows what Jane will say though. Daniel picks up the photo of his son and says DEAL

Daniel's wife joins him for the proveout, Noel says the moment Daniel picked up his sons photo he knew it was all over. Daniel says a year ago he wouldn't have dealt, but he did for his family. Noel says good call in doing it for the family and we now need to make it a good call in game play terms. Daniel says he would have left number 17 until the very end as it has been a lucky number of his for many years...

Round 6 - proveout round
18 - 1p There are cheers from the confused pilgrims!!
Bunney next and Noel tells him to feel free to sing another song and then puts his hands over his ears!
7 - £750 Groans for that one as the pilgrims get it right this time. Noel says the quarter million has to be found in this next box!
5 - £1,000 More groans.

It's time for the banker time with £20,000 and £250,000 remaining, Noel says it would have been the perfect round at the perfect time, he warns them to brace themselves for the bankers offer.

The banker would have offered £75,000, Noel says it's painful as Daniel said he would never get this chance again, but didn't grasp the moment. He says he does think Daniel did the prudent thing as a new family man.

Noel opens Daniel's box 20 and reveals £250,000. Daniel stands in front of the box with his eyes shut. Box 17 contains £20,000

Daniel says he can live with this decision he knows he did the right thing, he wouldn't have been able to live with it if he had turned down £24,500 and gone away with a small amount, Noel says he did the right thing.


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