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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Karen 01/06/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 6

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Contestants Box

21 - swapped for Box 7

Remaining box - 21
Karen takes home

Friday, June 01, 2007

Karen's Deal or No Deal Game Report

A very anguished Noel does the intro today... Noel says they're buzzing as Colin's win over the banker yesterday has put them all in a good mood as it was the totally right decision and he talks about the start of Colin's game yesterday with the trick of the banker where he'd give everyone £100 each if the £250k wasn't found in the first round. Noel says the special player today has to continue the good work of Colin yesterday.

It’s Karen’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and Noel gives her a kiss and says "pinch and a punch for the first day of the month". Karen has a buddha ornament to remind her of her husband! She shows a picture of her son William, and also a card she has been given by William's classmates, and William chose box 20 for Karen and she has box 21 in her game today. Karen's from Cheltenham, and she loves Vegas and will take Noel if she wins the big one!! Her lucky number is 7 as she got married on the 7th and her son's birthday is on the 7th and she found she was having him on the 7th!!

Round 1
Karen starts her game by reminding Noel she wants the £250k to take him to Las Vegas.
16 - 50p
18 - 1p - cheers and whoops for that one!!
"Two of his power 5 in the first two boxes" says Noel
14 - £750 - Newbie Manuel
19 - £10!!!
Noel starts asking if Karen knows how many people have had an all-blue opening round but stops himself!
17 - £20,000 - "It's ok" says Karen, "It's alright" says Noel

The banker says in Karen's honour, he's dyed his hair red, and Noel says it wouldn't take much dye as the banker only has a single strand of hair! The offer is an astro 9 followed by 3 astro noughts... astronauts!!! Banker's offer £9,000… Noel reminds her it's more than some players recently have gone away with, and Karen replies NO DEAL

Round 2
15 - £50
Noel asks how Karen's choosing the boxes and she has a couple of numbers that she wants to keep, but otherwise it's on the spur of the moment.
12 - £15,000
Karen chooses box 20 next - which is the number on the card, but then changes her mind.
1 - £100,000 "Woops" says Noel - Karen says she got confused

Karen is reminded that the £250k is still there, and the banker says that he isn't confident... Banker's offer £13,000… The offer of £13,000 was to give Karen bad luck!! Karen is reminded how there are still 4 of the Power 5 remaining, and she says NO DEAL

Round 3
13 - £3,000! Noel says it's fine
11 - £1
3 - £250,000 - "I'm not going to Vegas" Noel whines

The banker says he would've offered £25,000 if the £250k hadn't gone, but he has respect for Karen, and offers £7,500… Karen says it's a lot of money, but NO DEAL.

Round 4
Noel says we want to keep the remaining 3 of the power 5 untouched for as long as possible.
10 - £5,000
2 - £5
8 - £75,000

Noel stood in front of the board and hid the 3 power 5 remaining... he apologises as it clearly didn't work! He says there still could be a life-changing £50k in Karen's box…
The banker talks about Sonic the Hedgehog and he sticks to show Karen respect, he again offers £7,500…Karen says that money in her bank account would look healthy, Eric says it's balanced and it comes down to this - is she in Vegas or is she "here"? She says she's ready for the question and she says NO DEAL

Round 5
Noel says it's a brave decision and let's believe it's Karen's destiny on this Friday to go away with a large sum of money.
22 - £250
Noel talks about bravery
6 - £50,000
Noel picks everyone up by talking about the £35,000 still being in-play
4 - £500

The banker says he'll give Karen a fair offer, one on which she can make a fair judgement... he wants to buy Karen's gambling soul!! He offers £5,000 - Mixed reactions to that… Adam asks how she'd feel if she hit the £35,000… Dave says we already know who Karen is and we shouldn't think about if she's a gambler too much… She says it's a marvellous offer, but NO DEAL

Round 6
BLUE chants start

20 - £35,000 Karen says she is sorry to William.
Noel says let's believe her box has £10,000
5 - £100
9 - 10p

It’s time for The Banker with £1,000 and £10,000 remaining… Noel says there is a lot of silence and the sound of breathing… The Banker offers £4,500…

Noel asks if it's the "fold 'em" figure, or does the gambler want to go all the way... Karen says she'd love to say yes, she's going all the way, but there's money, good money, being offered… Karen says NO DEAL

The banker phones back and offers a SWAP… Karen says SWAP

The audience go "Ooh" and Noel swaps her box 21 for box 7, which contains... £1,000… "Argh" says Noel "You had it all along it was sitting there", Karen replies she had to do it, she had to bring box 7 to the table…

Karen's original box 21 contains £10,000
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