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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Mary 12/11/06

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Round 5 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Round 6 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 11
Mary takes home

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mary's Game Report

After the 'different' show on for the 300th edition, what will the new week hold in store? Has Noel's wave of wealth turned for the better after Helen's win over the banker?

Noel introduces the show and mentions 'Headlock Helen' (his words, not mine!!) for her nice win, but he says it's not enough apparently to show a turn in fortunes for the contestants, and he also builds up the absence of the £250,000 from the 'pound table'!!!

The game board scrolls through the contestants names and today’s player in the 'Crazy Chair' is Mary, Noel asks is Mary a potential 'Banker Spanker'! Mary has box 7 today and it looks as though it could be a lively show, which Noel also confirms. Mary used to work in middle management for a bank, so Noel labels it a banker vs. banker game! He asks Mary if she is weird!!! She says 'No I'm not weird!! I am a very positive person'. Mary wants the studio to be called the rainbow room as she is hoping for a crock of gold at the end of it.

Round 1
4 - £20,000 silence to start the show!!
8 - £35,000 gasps for that and Mary says it's ridiculous!!!!
22 - £100 Big cheers for the first blue
15 - £50
16 - £3,000

Mary says the board looks healthy and Noel again waffles on about the £250,000 appearing soon. The banker is excited and has been waiting for Mary! Mary is disappointed as she was expecting an invite for tea with the banker, he asks what sort of fancies she would like with her tea, and Mary says Rich Tea! The banker offers £7,500, Mary thanks the banker for a good offer but says there is more play yet and NO DEAL

Round 2
19 - £250,000 GROANS and Mary says she is gutted
14 - 10p
5 - £500

Mary is a little unsure of counting, which is worrying for an ex-bank employee!! Noel makes a joke about Mary's hair and Mary retorts that they both probably use the same hairdresser! The banker offers £7,500; he sticks (a familiar pattern lately!) Mary says NO DEAL.

Round 3
3 - £10
2 - £100,000 gasps for that one
9 - £750

Mary thinks the banker might punish her for the loss of the £100,000, although also wonders if he will stick again. The banker thinks that Mary is well on her way to winning the 1p! He offers £2,900, Mary says that offer reflects the board, and that she needs to think positive on the next 3 boxes, this obviously means that she intends to play on, and sure enough Mary says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Mary says that this is the crucial round now.....
20 - £5,000
18 - £1
13 - £250

Noel says the cloud of the 1p is still looming, Ned says that the banker should still be worried about Mary, Peter says the offer must go up. The banker calls and says that Peter's comment has annoyed him as he says HE decides the offers!!! He also says that he has seen the crock at the end of the rainbow and it's full of the contestant's tears as Mary goes away with 1p! He then offers £9,100, Noel says it's the highest offer so far and Mary asks would he make it £10,000? Noel asks if she would walk at that figure and the banker calls back to chat with Mary! He then increases the offer to £10,000! Mary says it's kind of him, but she asked him for £12,000!

Mary asks the audience to stand if they think she should deal, a few stand and Noel goes to get their opinions, they say it's a good offer and it could all go wrong if she plays on. Mary says she needs a couple of minutes to study the board and also the numbers that she is left with, after a pause she says DEAL.

Mary says she has surprised herself with her decision but £10,000 is a fantastic sum of money and she didn't want to walk away with 1p.

Round 5 - Proveout round
17 - £5
21 - 50p gasps as another blue goes
10 - 1p

That would have been the perfect round if Mary had played on, there are now no blues remaining on the board! The banker would have offered £28,000, and also says that you NEVER negotiate with the best! Mary says she would have taken that offer.

Round 6 - proveout round
6 - £10,000
1 - £15,000
12 - £75,000

With £50,000 and £1,000 remaining in play the banker would have offered £18,000, again Mary says she would have dealt at that offer.

Noel opens Mary's box 7 and reveals £50,000, box 11 contains £1,000.

Mary says that she is very happy with the £10,000 as at the time she dealt she could still have had the chance to go away with nothing, Noel says that he thinks Mary's decision to deal early might hit her later tonight when back at the hotel.


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