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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Peg 01/02/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Round 6 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 5
Peg takes home

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Peg's Game Report

Noel says there is a real buzz in the studio and talks about the amazing January we have had. Laura gets her mention, along with Sarah and her incredible psychic ability, Bunney gets a mention for his entertaining show and big win yesterday. Noel mentions the similarity between Morris’ and Bunney's game, both in the £20,000 and £250,000 final 2 values and also all the contestants’ singing/rhyming.

It’s Peg’s turn to take the walk of wealth of wealth today and she has box 18, she says she is gob smacked after being there for 21 shows. Noel asks for a quieter game after Bunney's highly charged game, Peg says she wants a quiet game to keep her blood pressure down! Noel asks if Peg is a gambler, she says no comment, he then asks if she has had any run ins with bankers? She again says no comment!! We get to see some of Peg's pics of her family

Round 1
Peg wants the pilgrims to join in with lots of energy and noise today and she reveals that she has a sort of system…
4 - £35,000 It's OK says Peg
6 - £100,000 Groans for that one, Noel says it might be an idea to change the system!
14 - £1,000
12 - £500 Cheers for the first blue
3 - £250,000 Never mind says Peg

Horrible round, but Peg says some doors close, but others open. She then tries to choose another number, but Noel stops her and says I think you have done enough damage in that round!! Noel says to the banker that he bets he is a happy bunny now!! The banker says his office door was closed, but is now open, Peg says where is it!! The banker says it's Fab Feb now, after a jinxed January! He offers £999, it’s an emergency says Noel, hence the offer!!! Peg says NO DEAL

Round 2
Peg whips up the pilgrims and they respond with lots of noise
21 - £750
17 - 1p Big cheers for the penny
Noel says your going at speed now and Peg chooses box 11, but Noel stops Millie from opening it just as she has pulled the seal off to call a break! After the break poor Millie is still frozen holding the seal in the air!! We get to see a video taken of Millie during the break shown on the gameboard!! Is that a first?
11 - £75,000 Oh my word says Noel!

Coooor says the banker!!! He says the cycle is now broken and Noel says well he's waited a month for this! The banker then offers £4,500, Noel says the way the game is going you should think carefully about this, Paul says it's a good offer...Peg says NO DEAL

Round 3
8 - £1 Big cheers for the blue after a very strange pirate impression from Noel!! Expect that will appear on youtube soon!!! We get to hear a story from Peg about when she was evacuated during the war, she chooses 7 as that was her age when she went back home
7 - £10
16 - £15,000 Arrrgghhh says Noel, we didn't want that.

Noel says the game has a feeling that if Peg wants big money she is going to have to go all the way until the end. Peg says she has a ring of confidence around her at the moment. The banker offers £5,400, Peg says that doesn't really divide up well between everyone she wants to share it with, so it’s NO DEAL

Round 4
13 - £5
22 - 50p Cheers all around
20 - £250 Yes says Noel as Peg gets an all blue round

Noel says there is still a life changing sum of money in play now and also a good fall back amount. The banker thinks he heard Paul say something under his breath at the last offer! He reckons Paul said that Peg should take the next offer if Peg got an all blue round, he denies this. The banker offers £7,000, Peg goes to Paul and he says that there is a good chance of hitting reds in the next round and she needs to be careful of getting to the point of having to go all the way... Peg says NO DEAL

Round 5
10 - £5,000 Not the end of the world says Noel
1 - £50 Cheers and one more says Noel
Noel really builds up this box...
2 - £3,000 It's fine fine fine says Noel

Noel says he doesn't know how we got here, but Peg is in a good position now. The banker offers £12,600, Noel works out how much it’ll be for each of the grandchildren and then asks how bold and brave Peg feels. Peg asks the Pilgrims how they feel, loads shout out DEAL, Peg says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
9 - £50,000 Big cheers and Noel says that's great
19 - 10p
15 - £20,000 YES shouts Noel

It’s time for the banker with £100 and £10,000 remaining, the banker would have offered £2,800. Peg says she would have played on at this point.

Noel opens Peg’s box 18 and reveals £100, box 5 contains the £10,000. Peg does the right deal at the right time and produces a win over the banker, which is something that didn’t look like happening after the first few rounds. Noel says he is so pleased after last month to start the new month with another victory over the banker
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