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Deal or No Deal Game Stats for
Tess 02/04/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

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Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Round 6 - Proveout Round

Box No.
Bankers Offers

Contestants Box


Remaining box - 12
Tess takes home

Monday, April 02, 2007

Tess' Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us again to the dream factory and tells us of a new twist in the viewer's competition where now 2 people can win.

It’s Tess’ turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she has box 19. Noel says he has been looking forward to this, and Tess says Mr Banker here I come!! Tess tells Noel she is shaking, as she is nervous now... She has her husband in the audience for support, and we hear how they met when her husband went to the Philippines to meet a pen friend, but didn't get on with her and then met Tess, who made him laugh and the rest as they say, is history. Tess tells Noel about her gambling on fruit machines, and she says she has come onto the show to win loads of money to buy anti-wrinkle cream! Noel says you don't need it after looking at the information on the card, and seeing your age. Tess asks loads of support from the audience and says if she wins the £250,000, she will give them £50 each

Round 1
11 - £100,000 Groans for that one
15 - £50 A big scream from Tess
3 - £5
Blue chants start
7 - £15,000 The chants soon turn to groans
Tess starts the blue chants
22 - £100 Tess lets out a big scream...

Tess says she is all right after that round. The Banker calls and Tess gets all excited, The Banker has a gift for Tess, which Gregg brings out for her. It's a letter with The Bankers official seal on it, and it's a little poem for her. The Banker says that Tess has brought out the romantic in him!! He thinks that Tess has the soul of a gambler and he is a little worried! He offers £15,000, and Tess says NO DEAL

Round 2
1 - £500 Big cheers and another scream from Tess
Tess starts her own blue chants
4 - £250,000 Big groans all around as the audience lose their chance of £50 each!!
More blue chants
13 - £5,000

Noel tells a story of when Tess was younger, her mother gave her money to go and buy some rice, and Tess gambled it all on a game of find the marble and lost!! The Banker says he is still taking Tess seriously and offers £10,000. Tess says she still has some big numbers on the board, and NO DEAL

Round 3
6 - £75,000 Big groans
Tess starts her own blue chants
9 - 10p Another scream from Tess
More chants
14 - £3,000 It's fine says Noel

Noel asks if The Banker let out a little scream when the £75,000 went! The Banker says he is finding it hard playing against Tess as she is remaining optimistic, and offers £10,000. Noel calls it a gamblers offer, and says that the banker is teasing her. Tess says she would like to tease the banker as well! The banker calls back! Noel says he is just amusing himself at the moment, which gets quite a few laughs from the audience!! Tess says NO DEAL

Round 4
Noel asks can Tess do an all scream round!!
Tess starts her blue chants
2 - £50,000 NO NO NO says Noel
Tess says I still have £35,000 in my box
More chants
16 - £1,000
20 - £10 A big scream from Tess

The banker says he is thinking a lot about the 1p, and offers £7,500. The offer is met with total silence, and Tess says she could still have the £35,000 in her box. Tess says NO DEAL

Round 5
5 - £1 Cheers and another scream..
Blue chants
8 - 50p chants turn to screams
18 - £35,000 Big groans for that one

Tess says I've still got £20,000 in my box, and Noel tells the banker he can't think of the last time they've had such a positive player. The Banker offers £6,000, and Tess says DEAL… Noel says this looks like a possible good deal based on the other rounds Tess has had...

Round 6 - Proveout round
10 - £750
17 - 1p BIG GROANS
21 - £250

It would have been the perfect round!! It’s time for The Banker with £10,000 and £20,000 remaining, and The Banker would have offered £15,000. Tess says that would have been lovely but I'm happy with £6,000, and she says she would have said no deal and played to the end if still in the game. Noel says he is convinced Tess has £20,000!

Noel opens box 19 and reveals £10,000, oppps wrong Noel

Box 12 - £20,000


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